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Title stortoll
Author mhandrap
Author Email mahen_deeps2001 [at]
Description There are 2 files :
1. Source Code copy (STORETOLL.C). Open this in your Turbo C.
2. Database file (MHN.TXT). This is after the source code in the box below.

After running the program, there will be three menus:

1. Process bill,
2. Print bill,
3. Management

On processbill menu, click billprocess. Then give the item code between 101 to 105.

To exit from billprocess, give 1 and press enter.
Category C » DBMS Projects
Hits 20489
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//////// FILE 1 - STORETOLL.C ///////////////// //////// LOOK BELOW FOR THE DATABASE FILE ///// #include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> #include<graphics.h> #include<dos.h> #include<time.h> #include<stdlib.h> #define NO 0 #define YES 1 #define NONE -1 //in a menu there can be three items #define MAX_MENU 6 int x,y; int selection; int button,x,y; void *p; size_t area; int validate(int); FILE *date; FILE *f2; FILE *fop; FILE *today; char todaydate[15]; FILE *day; char salebydate[10]; FILE *itemtoday; FILE *itembydate; char str[10]; int customer; struct MENU { int x; int y; int x1; int y1; unsigned char Active[MAX_MENU]; char *head; }; int mouseon(struct MENU *t); void process(); void xorbar(int sx,int sy,int ex,int ey,int c); void show(); void hide(); void status(); //position of the billprocess menu struct MENU Billprocess = {0,0,80,20}; //position of the print menu struct MENU Print = {90,0,165,20}; struct MENU Management = {175,0,260,20}; void main() { int gd=DETECT,gm; initgraph(&gd,&gm,"f:\tcpp"); selection=NONE; for(gd=0;gd<MAX_MENU;gd++) { //gd=3 Billprocess.Active[gd]=YES; //gd=1 Print.Active[gd]=YES; Management.Active[gd]=YES; } //head that is printed on msg Billprocess.head="processbill"; Print.head="Print"; Management.head="management"; //allocation for image memory area=imagesize(0,0,150,150); p=malloc(area); if(p==NULL) { closegraph(); restorecrtmode(); printf("not enough memory"); exit(1); } //style of the menu setfillstyle(1,7); //full window bar(0,0,660,650); welcomescreen(); x=2; y=2; process(); //end(); closegraph(); getch(); } void process() { //menu items in billprocess menu char *bp[]={"Processbill","Openbill","Exit"}; //menu item in print menu char *pr[]={"Printbill"}; char *mgt[]={"SalesToday","SalesBydate","Itemsoldtoday","Itemsoldbydate"}; char KEY; //menu bar position win(0,0,660,20); //drawing button for menu items drawbtn(&Billprocess,"Billprocess"); drawbtn(&Print,"Print"); drawbtn(&Management,"Management"); settextstyle(0,0,0); //outtextxy(close(x+y),close(y+7),"x"); show(); //instantly menus are idle Billprocess.Active[3]=NO; Print.Active[1]=NO; Management.Active[4]=NO; while(1) { if(kbhit()) { KEY=getch(); //way to exit press esc or - if(KEY==27 || KEY==45) break; } status(); if(button==1) { //if(mouseon(&close)) //break; if(mouseon(&Billprocess)) { pullmenudown(bp,3,&Billprocess); if(selection==NONE) msg("no selection"); if(selection==0) { char str[3]; struct dosdate_t d; char todaydate[15]; char month[5],year[5]; // initalization of customerid int customerid; // macro to generate customerid in random randomize(); customerid= rand() % 1000; customer=customerid; itoa(customerid,str,10); _dos_getdate(&d); itoa(,todaydate,10); itoa(d.month,month,10); itoa(d.year,year,10); strcat(todaydate,month); strcat(todaydate,year); date=fopen(todaydate,"a+"); f2=fopen(str,"w"); //user defined function for page design pagedesign(); gotoxy(6,4); printf("CUSTOMERID : %d",customerid); fprintf(f2,"%d",customerid); //user defined method call for time zone to which customer arrives to bill entertime(); //user defined function for database acess getdatabaseacess(); } if(selection==1) { char str[3]; setfillstyle(1,0); bar(5,25,635,448); gotoxy(10,8); printf("ENTER THE CUSTOMERID TO OPEN "); scanf("%s",str); fop=fopen(str,"r"); if(!fop) { gotoxy(10,12); printf("no customer is available"); } else { pagedesign(); openbill(); } } if(selection==2) { exit(0); } } if(mouseon(&Print)) { pullmenudown(pr,1,&Print); if(selection==NONE) msg("noselection"); if(selection==0) { char str[3]; setfillstyle(1,0); bar(5,25,635,448); itoa(customer,str,10); fop=fopen(str,"r"); if(!fop) { gotoxy(10,12); printf("no customer is available"); } else { printbill(); } } } if(mouseon(&Management)) { pullmenudown(mgt,4,&Management); if(selection==NONE) msg("noselection"); if(selection==0) { struct dosdate_t d; char month[5],year[5]; _dos_getdate(&d); itoa(,todaydate,10); itoa(d.month,month,10); itoa(d.year,year,10); strcat(todaydate,month); strcat(todaydate,year); today=fopen(todaydate,"r"); setfillstyle(1,0); bar(5,25,635,448); if(!today) { gotoxy(15,12); printf("NO DATABASE IS AVAILABLE"); } else { todaysales(); } } if(selection==1) { setfillstyle(1,0); bar(5,25,635,448); gotoxy(10,8); printf("ENTER THE DATE TO OPEN "); scanf("%s",salebydate); day=fopen(salebydate,"r"); if(!day) { gotoxy(10,10); printf("NO DATABASE AVAILABLE"); } else { totalsalebydate(); } } if(selection==2) { struct dosdate_t d; char month[5],year[5]; _dos_getdate(&d); itoa(,todaydate,10); itoa(d.month,month,10); itoa(d.year,year,10); strcat(todaydate,month); strcat(todaydate,year); itemtoday=fopen(todaydate,"r"); setfillstyle(1,0); bar(5,25,635,448); if(!itemtoday) { gotoxy(25,12); printf("NO DATABASE IS AVAILABLE"); } else { itemtodayretrive(); } } if(selection==3) { setfillstyle(1,0); bar(5,25,635,448); gotoxy(10,8); printf("ENTER THE DATE TO OPEN "); scanf("%s",str); itembydate=fopen(str,"r"); if(!itembydate) { gotoxy(10,10); printf("no database is available"); } else { retriveitembydate(); } } } } else { if(mouseon(&Billprocess)) Hlight(&Billprocess); if(mouseon(&Print)) Hlight(&Print); if(mouseon(&Management)) Hlight(&Management); } } } drawbtn(struct MENU *tm,char *txt) { setcolor(0); settextstyle(2,0,4); //position that name of the menu is written outtextxy(tm->x+15,tm->y+4,txt); } Hlight(struct MENU *t) { winp(t,0); msg(t->head); while(mouseon(t)) { status(); if(button!=0) break; if(kbhit()) break; } setcolor(7); hide(); //MESSAGE WINDOW rectangle(t->x,t->y,t->x1,t->y1); msg("WELCOME TO STORE-TOLL"); show(); } //mouse placement int mouseon(struct MENU *t) { int flag; flag=0; if(x>=t->x && x<=t->x1 && y>=t->y && y<=t->y1) flag=1; return flag; } //MENU ITEM DISPAY void xorbar(int sx,int sy,int ex, int ey, int c) { int i; setwritemode(1); setcolor(4); hide(); for(i=sy;i<=ey;i++) line(sx,i,ex,i); show(); setwritemode(0); } push(struct MENU *tm) { winp(tm,1); while(button==1) { status(); if(kbhit()) break; } } up(struct MENU *tm) { setcolor(7); hide(); rectangle(tm->x,tm->y,tm->x1,tm->y1); show(); while(button==1) { status(); if(kbhit()) break; } } pullmenudown(char *h[],int n,struct MENU *tm) { int i; i=n*20; push(tm); hide(); getimage(tm->x+1, tm->y1+2,tm->x+100,tm->y1+i+5,p); win(tm->x+1,tm->y1+2,tm->x+100,tm->y1+i+5); setcolor(5); settextstyle(2,0,4); for(i=0;i<n;i++) { if(!tm->Active[i]) { setcolor(15); outtextxy(tm->x+15,tm->y1+9+i*20,h[i]); setcolor(0); outtextxy(tm->x+14,tm->y1+8+i*20,h[i]); } else { //position to write menu items outtextxy(tm->x+14,tm->y1+8+i*20,h[i]); } } show(); while(button==1) status(); handlemenu(n,tm); } pullmenuup(struct MENU *tm) { int i; hide(); putimage(tm->x+1,tm->y1+2,p,COPY_PUT); show(); up(tm); } handlemenu(int n,struct MENU *tm) { int i; char key; setcolor(0); selection=NONE; i=0; while(1) { status(); if(button==1) break; for(i=0;i<n;i++) { status(); if(mouseon1(tm->x+4, tm->y1+6+i*20, tm->x+99, tm->y1+22+i*20)) { xorbar(tm->x+3,tm->y1+6+i*20,tm->x+97,tm->y1+22+i*20,14); while(mouseon1(tm->x+4,tm->y1+8+i*20,tm->x+97,tm->y1+22+i*20)) { status(); if(button==1) { if(tm->Active[i]==YES) { selection=i; break; } else { selection=NONE; } } if(kbhit()) break; } xorbar(tm->x+3,tm->y1+6+i*20,tm->x+97,tm->y1+22+i*20,14); } } } pullmenuup(tm); } mouseon1(int cx, int cy, int cx1, int cy1) { int flag; flag=0; if(x>=cx && y>=cy && x<=cx1 && y<=cy1) flag=1; return flag; } union REGS i,o; struct SREGS ss; void show() {; int86(0x33,&i,&o); } void hide() {; int86(0x33,&i,&o); } void status() {; int86(0x33,&i,&o); button=o.x.bx;; y=o.x.dx; } //state of the menu winp(struct MENU *t ,int state) { hide(); if(state==1) { setcolor(0); line(t->x,t->y,t->x,t->y1); line(t->x,t->y,t->x1,t->y); setcolor(15); line(t->x1,t->y,t->x1,t->y1); line(t->x,t->y1,t->x1,t->y1); } else { setcolor(5); line(t->x,t->y,t->x,t->y1); line(t->x,t->y,t->x1,t->y); setcolor(5); line(t->x1,t->y,t->x1,t->y1); line(t->x,t->y1,t->x1,t->y1); } show(); } //pull down menu design win(int sx, int sy, int ex,int ey) { hide(); setfillstyle(1,7); bar(sx,sy,ex,ey); setcolor(15); line(sx,sy,sx,ey); line(sx,sy,ex,sy); setcolor(0); line(ex,sy,ex,ey); line(sx,ey,ex,ey); show(); } msg(char *m) { int l; setcolor(14); rectangle(5,25,635,477); setfillstyle(1,0); bar(20,455,620,475); settextstyle(2,0,6); setcolor(3); l=textwidth(m)/2; outtextxy(320-l,455,m); outtextxy(321-l,456,m); } welcomescreen() { setfillstyle(1,0); bar(5,25,635,425); settextstyle(4,0,3); setcolor(2); outtextxy(210,120,"STORE TOLL"); settextstyle(4,0,3); setcolor(3); outtextxy(220,160,"WELCOMES"); settextstyle(4,0,3); setcolor(5); outtextxy(265,200,"YOU"); } pagedesign() { //setting text color setcolor(2); //full outline setfillstyle(1,0); bar(5,25,635,448); //text style settextstyle(4,0,3); //name of SHOP outtextxy(200,25,"STORE-TOLL"); //first horizontal line line(0,65,650,65); //second horizontal line line(0,78,650,78); //first vertical line line(120,65,120,450); //second vertical line line(275,65,275,450); //third vertical line line(350,65,350,450); //fourth vertical line line(450,65,450,450); //fifth vertical line line(530,65,530,450); //text style settextstyle(2,0,5); outtextxy(10,65,"ITEM CODE"); outtextxy(140,65,"ITEM NAME"); outtextxy(280,65,"kg/gm"); outtextxy(375,65,"PRICE"); outtextxy(465,65,"NUMBER"); outtextxy(555,65,"AMOUNT"); //line for total at bottom line(450,430,650,430); outtextxy(470,430,"TOTAL"); return(0); } entertime(void) { time_t timer; struct tm *tblock; /* gets time of day */ timer = time(NULL); /* converts date/time to a structure */ tblock = localtime(&timer); //position for time display gotoxy(55,4); printf("%s", asctime(tblock)); fprintf(f2," %s", asctime(tblock)); return(0); } getdatabaseacess() { FILE *file; int code,itemcode,num,yax,quantity,i=0,curY; char itemname[30]; char buf[6],ip; int counter=0; float rate,sum,total=0.0; //first y axis position yax=5; file=fopen("mhn.txt","r"); while(i<20) { msg("BILL ON PROCESS"); //x,y position to get code gotoxy(6,++yax); //get code input msg("GET ITEM CODE"); curY= wherey(); printf("|"); ip=getch(); while(ip!=' ') { if(isdigit(ip)) { printf("%c",ip); buf[counter++]=ip; } ip=getch(); if(counter>=5) break; } buf[counter]='gif"); temp=".gif"; var=""; } } } ///////////////End of /* * @(#) 20/06/05 * * Copyright 2005 Sunil Kumar Gupta. All rights reserved. * Super InfoSoft PROPRIETARY/CONFIDENTIAL. Use is subject to license terms. */ import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; /** * This is the Main frame to show the GUI of this * application. * @author Sunil Kumar Gupta */ public class GUIDisplay extends JFrame implements ActionListener{ JMenuBar mbar=new JMenuBar(); JMenu help=new JMenu("Help"); JMenuItem h1=new JMenuItem("How To"); GUI gui=null; MolContainer mcon=null; static GUIDisplayApplet jda=null; public GUIDisplay(GUIDisplayApplet jda){ super("Strcture Viewer"); setJMenuBar(mbar); help.add(h1); mbar.add(help); h1.addActionListener(this); gui=new GUI(jda); this.jda=jda; mcon=new MolContainer(jda); JDesktopPane dp=new JDesktopPane(); dp.setBackground(new Color(255,220,255)); dp.add(gui); dp.add(mcon); setContentPane(dp); setSize(Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getScreenSize()); setVisible(true); } public static void main(String[] arg){ new GUIDisplay(GUIDisplay.jda); } public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ec){ Help h=null; try{ h.setVisible(false); } catch(Exception e){} h=new Help(); } } ////////////////////End of /* * @(#) 20/06/05 * * Copyright 2005 Sunil Kumar Gpta. All rights reserved. * Super InfoSoft PROPRIETARY/CONFIDENTIAL. Use is subject to license terms. */ import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.*; import java.applet.*; import*; import java.awt.event.*; /** * This is the main Applet to show the ediotor of * molecules. * @author Sunil Kumar Gupta */ public class GUIDisplayApplet extends JApplet{ public static URL url=null; Thread t=null; GUI gui=null; static GUIDisplayApplet gda; MolContainer mcon=null; public static GUIDisplayApplet getMe(){ return new GUIDisplayApplet(); } public GUIDisplayApplet(){ } public void init(){ setBackground(new Color(255,120,255)); t=new Thread(){ public void run(){ while(true){ showStatus("Structure Display Applet : Developed By Super InfoSoft Pvt. Ltd."); try{ Thread.sleep(5000); }catch(Exception e){} } } }; t.start(); try{ gui=new GUI(gda=GUIDisplayApplet.getMe()); new MolContainer(gda=GUIDisplayApplet.getMe()); url=getCodeBase(); // System.out.println("URL========>"+url.toString()); }catch(Exception e){} JFrame.setDefaultLookAndFeelDecorated(true); final GUIDisplay gui=new GUIDisplay(gda); gui.addWindowListener( new WindowAdapter() { public void windowClosed(WindowEvent we) { gui.dispose(); } }); } public void start(){ showStatus("Structure Display Applet Started"); } public void stop(){ System.out.println("Shutting Down"); showStatus("Structure Display Applet Shutdown"); super.stop(); if(t.isAlive()) t.suspend(); t.stop(); } } ////////////////End of /* * @(#) 20/06/05 * * Copyright 2005 Sunil Kumar Gupta. All rights reserved. * Super InfoSoft PROPRIETARY/CONFIDENTIAL. Use is subject to license terms. */ import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; /** * This class is to show the gui * for help . * @author Sunil Kumar Gupta */ public class Help extends JFrame implements ActionListener{ JLabel consLabel; JButton ok=new JButton("OK"); public Help(){ super("***Help***"); consLabel=new JLabel("

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